Big Shopper by Haeckel (Striped)
Big Shopper by Haeckel (Striped)
Big Shopper by Haeckel (Striped)

Big Shopper by Haeckel (Striped)

For this big shopper we have re-used plastic bottles ...and recycled another element from the past: the works from known and lesser-known artists that all left us
with great riches to enjoy for eternity.

In art, color is the essential ingredient. It’s the balance of specific colors which make every painting unique and thus, connects to our senses. Your reusable shopper is inspired by the magical illustration of hummingbirds of scientist & zoologist Ernst Haeckel published in 1904. The pattern design reveals the color palette behind this cloud of hummingbirds, a tiny bird that can reach a wingbeat rate of up to 80 beats per second!


Let art sparkle up your life!


100% recycled polyester (GRS certified), coated and waterproof
care instructions: don't wash, gently wipe off stains with a wet cloth, don't iron
size unfolded: 60x60x12cm
giftbox with storytelling: 20 x 15 x 2,5 cm

Courtesy original painting: Wikipedia