Socks by Haeckel (Mushrooms)
Socks by Haeckel (Mushrooms)
Socks by Haeckel (Mushrooms)

Socks by Haeckel (Mushrooms)

Your pair of socks is inspired by one of the many magical illustrations that natural scientist Ernst Haeckel drew during his years as professor at the University of Jena in the early 19th century. His fascination with living organisms was sparked by his friend and colleague Charles Darwin, and it led him on trips all around the world.

Here it is the mushroom that Haeckel brings to our attention: what incredibly mysterious shapes! Hand-drawn over a century ago, they look as if they have been taken straight out of a science fiction book. Interesting fact: the mushroom is neither flora nor fauna and more than 14,000 different species have been identified.


Wear, it wash it, love it!


360 degree seamless digital print
75% bamboo, 22% recycled polyester (GRS certified), 3% elastane
wash inside out, no bleach, no tumbling
one size (sizerange 37-45)
giftbox with storytelling: 10x20x1,8cm 

 Courtesy original image: Wikimedia