Rain Hat by Peeters
Rain Hat by Peeters

Rain Hat by Peeters

This rain hat is inspired by a sparkling bouquet that is part of a larger still life painted
in the 17th century by the mysterious painter Clara Peeters. Born around 1588,
presumably Flemish, year of death unknown: little else is known. That could be because
she was a female painter, and therefore too easily ignored by her male colleagues. Or
maybe it’s just the name: there were many women named Clara Peeters, which does not make unambiguous research into this artist’s life story any easier. What is certain is that this Clara Peeters did not want to remain unknown. In each of her paintings, she added a self-portrait, hidden in the gleaming reflection of a copper vase, a glass decanter or a pewter goblet. If we look closely at this painting we can count her small image eight times

Product Care instructions
100% recycled polyester (GRS certified), with waterproof coating
care instructions: don't wash, gently wipe off stains with a wet cloth, don't iron
one size (adjustable sizing)
giftbox with storytelling: 20 x 15 x 1,5 cm