Socks by Popova
Socks by Popova

Socks by Popova

These socks are inspired by a fabric design of Lyubov Popova, a rebel painter who danced to her own avant-garde groove in the early 20th century. Born in 1889, she was like the cool cousin of Kandinsky and Malevich, turning heads and breaking rules in the art world. But let’s talk about her pattern designs: imagine colourful geometrics exploding on fabric, with each thread colored exotically. Popova was all about merging art with life and her game-changing textiles didn’t just hug bodies – they hugged culture, innovation, and tradition in a tight embrace. This wasn’t your grandma’s quilt; this was art on the move, on your back, in your life...

Product Care instructions
360 degree seamless digital print
75% bamboo, 22% recycled polyester (GRS certified), 3% elastane
care instructions: wash inside out at mild temperatures, no bleach, no tumbling
one size (sizerange 37-45)
giftbox with storytelling: 10x20x1,8cm