Rain Hat by Kandinsky
Rain Hat by Kandinsky

Rain Hat by Kandinsky

This Rain hat is inspired by a landscape painted in 1913 by Wassily Kandinsky, one of the most important artists in the history of modern art. Interestingly, this maestro did not put his brush to the palette until the age of 30, when he was already leading a successful professional life as a university law and economics teacher. From the start, Kandinsky’s paintings burst with bold colours and shapes, and this enthusiastic expressionism developed into a strong visual signature full of geometric shapes and dynamic compositions. Kandinsky passionately believed in the power of abstract art and saw it as a universal language, accessible to people from all walks of life. So let this philosophical spark ignite your own artistic journey. Dive into Kandinsky’s world, create your own story and let your creativity run wild!

Let art sparkle up your life!

100% recycled polyester (GRS certified), coated and waterproof
care instructions: don't wash, gently wipe off stains with a wet cloth, don't iron
one size (adjustable sizing)
giftbox with storytelling: 20 x 15 x 1,5 cm