Enjoy art everyday

Art inspired wearables

Studio Painted is a creators’ studio, based in the heart of Amsterdam. We design, develop and produce fun, art inspired wearables to enjoy art everyday.

For us, art is the source of inspiration for creating surprising products. We love to be taken away by the imagination of art, to give everyday a sparkling twist, making it a special day.

Every design starts with a favorite piece of art. We dive into the painting, zoom in, zoom out, research into the background of the painter and his painting to finely translate it into sparkling patterns and fine products, delivered to art lovers around the world!

One-stop design studio

We work closely together with museums all over Europe and our products are made of certified eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and bamboo.

Want to create your own Museum collection, contact us today for opportunities and minimum order requirements. Let's create together!