We turn your masterpiece into everyday, fun products

1. We translate your masterpiece into a unique pattern

Trust us with the high-res images of your artworks that you'd like to see translated into fun products.

We'll zoom in and out on the masterpiece, to find the pieces that create a sparkling pattern and will make your products unique.

2. We design sparkling products for you to choose

Together with you, we will look for products that can strengthen your shop's assortment. With your choice of products and our uniquelu developed patterns we will present creative propsals on paper for you to select.

Your selection will be sampled to fine-tune it to the perfect product, including personalized labelling. After final approval of the samples, price and minimum order quantities, the magic begins and production starts.

3. We design packaging for great in-store presentation

We believe that every product tells a story and should be carefully packaged. Packaging protects the product and is crucial to attracting attention in your store. More importantly, the packaging is apt to tell a story about the artwork and its creator. In this way, you can extend the visitor’s museum experience.

We develop functional packaging that is in line with your brand identity, so every item will feel truly personal.

4. We produce and deliver final products at your doorstep

After final approval of the product and its packaging, we carefully manage the production and transportation.

We ensure that your art-inspired collection is delivered to you in time and with optimal quality. In close cooperation with you, we select the best materials, always looking for the most suitable solutions and best manufacturers.

We will be working closely together from start to finish. Curious on how we work? Contact us today.

Let's create together!

Colorful products, in all shapes and sizes!