Big Shopper Cranes
Big Shopper Cranes

Big Shopper Cranes

This big shopper is inspired by a pattern design of Japanese cranes, pictured on a 100-
year old ‘furisode’. This is a precious Japanese kimono only worn by young, unmarried
women. The word ‘kimono’ literally means ‘something to wear’, a slight hint that the most
important feature is its pattern,taken from nature and bursting with symbolism. Throughout
Asia, the crane bird is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth; it’s seen as a mystical
creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. In reality and tragically, the Japanese
crane bird is an endangered species, with a population of only an estimated 2750 in total;
encroaching urbanisation has left them too little space to nest.

Product Care instructions
100% recycled polyester (GRS certified), with waterproof coating
care instructions: don't wash, gently wipe off stains with a wet cloth, don't iron
size unfolded: 60x60x12cm
giftbox with storytelling: 20 x 15 x 2,5 cm